Our solutions are tailor-made to reflect the culture and values of the companies we are collaborating with.
Claudette Moody, Director, Policy,
Strategy & Government Relations, SW District | WSP USA
Sophia brings a level of knowledge and empathy to her work in diversity and inclusion that is unparalleled in the field. She can explain the need and benefits of a diverse workplace and inclusive practices in understandable and relatable ways which ensure the opportunity of the successful incorporation of these principles into an agency’s or a business core values. Sophia is also able to guide the use of effective tools to implement and sustain an embracing culture of diversity and inclusion. Not every tool is for every circumstance, but Sophia helps tailor an approach to the unique conditions of a business or organization. Knowledge, empathy, and practical application: these are strengths Sophia brings to her work in Diversity and Inclusion.
Anabel Barragan, President | TPS Builds
Sophia holds extensive experience helping organizations and clients achieve their goals through innovative approaches. Her experience includes the development of stakeholder engagement and loyalty, supplier diversity, workforce development programs as well as other inclusion efforts. I have had the pleasure of working with Sophia on various capital improvement projects and her work product is stellar! She is very professional, meets deadlines, and easily navigates through the complexities of managing multiple stakeholder interests. Her creative approach results in solutions that are innovative and have long-term benefits. I strongly endorse her work.
Reese Fortin, Safety Manager | Sundt Construction
Through her expertise and leadership, Sophia has made a positive impact on the construction industry in the field of inclusion and diversity. I have been fortunate to be a participant in her training sessions and at conferences where she has delivering engaging presentations with a fresh perspective and real world applications.
Veronica Soto, Program Director | Emerald Cities Los Angeles
Sophia designs and implements creative, wholistic and outcome driven solutions that maximize diversity and economic inclusion. She approaches every project and situation with a clear lens that capitalizes on existing strengths to create positive change and sustain long-term impact.